Making a Difference to Our Environment

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PSC is dedicated to protecting the environment. We are continuously looking for new and innovative ways to reduce our environmental footprint, ensuring our operation is run in a sustainable manner. We seek solutions that provide immediate and enduring environmental benefits, including:

  • Remanufactured printer cartridges, made from reclaimed empty toner cartridges that would have otherwise been sent to landfills
  • Products that are exclusively produced in US and Canadian facilities, where high environmental standards are of the utmost importance
  • A state of the art waste-to-energy facility for disposing spent cartridges and toner
  • Internal packaging made up of recycled paper, which will not contribute to the evolution of methane gas or leach into the water table
  • A recycling program that ensures your cartridges are reclaimed and handled responsibly, while enabling you to earn revenue from your cartridges
  • Boxes, packing paper, and wood pallets created from recycled materials
  • PrintReleaf, a platform for automated global reforestation that empowers businesses to certifiably reduce the environmental impact of using forest products

At PSC, the very nature of our business is one which protects the environment.

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