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For over 40 years, Printer Support Corporation (PSC) has been a proud and valuable partner to businesses across New England, delivering unrivaled service and satisfaction to a variety of industries that serve our community. Our team of expert account managers and certified technicians deliver unparalleled, timely, cost-efficient customer service to local Boston-area customers and clients nationwide. Click here for a full list of our nationwide service locations.

To best serve our customers, PSC provides the following services:

  • Maintenance Agreements
  • Preventive Maintenance
  • “Per-Call” Service
  • On-site Service
  • Depot Service
  • Printer Refurbishment
  • New and Refurbished Printer Sales
  • Consumables Sales
  • Consumables Installation
  • Consumables Inventory Management
  • Managed Print Services
  • Service History Reporting
  • Consumables Purchase History Reporting
  • Printer Inventory Reporting
  • Departmental / Cost Center Reporting

PSC also provides practical application analysis of printer and document scanner applications to help you select the best printer, scanner, or copier for your budget and needs. Our core competencies include:

  • Monochrome and Color Laser Printers
  • Copiers

  • Multifunction Printers

  • Solid Ink Color Printers
  • MICR Printers
  • Wide Format Printers (plotters)
  • Monochrome and Color Label Printers
  • Impact Printers – Desktop and Line Printers

  • Passbook Printers
  • Receipt and Transaction Printers
  • Check and Document Scanners

We invite you to discover how our decades of experience and flexible range of services can provide the perfect solution for your business’s needs, budget, and success. PSC’s comprehensive service packages are outlined below. Contact us if you need additional information to help you make the best service choice to match your company’s needs.

Core Service Offerings

Lower printing costs and optimize your fleet with PSC’s Managed Print Services. For a detailed explanation of these services, please view our dedicated Managed Print Services page.

For total peace of mind, our annual on-site Unlimited Call Contract (UCC) offers you:

  • Full coverage on all repair, parts, and labor
  • Guaranteed annual fixed price per printer
  • User maintenance service (PM kits) included on most printers
  • Priority response commitments of 4hr., 8hr. or Next Business Day (NBD)
  • Preventive maintenance/cleaning service
  • Loaner printers available
  • Responsive phone tech support
  • Service history reporting
  • Inventory reporting
You don’t need a contract to use our printer, copier, fax or scanner repair services. Just contact us to get started.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and purchase orders from organizations with a D&B Paydex rating of 70 or better.

PSC’s Cost-per-cartridge Plan offers priority on-site support for your laser printers— on-site service, preventive maintenance, and all consumables—included in the cost of consumables. There is no additional charge for any service parts or labor. Total Laser Care includes:

  • Full coverage on all repair, parts, and labor
  • All toner and consumables
  • Preventive maintenance/cleaning service
  • User maintenance service (PM kits)
  • Toner Inventory Management and Reporting
  • Disposal of used empty toners
  • Priority response commitments of Next Business Day (NBD)
  • Loaner printers available
  • Responsive phone tech support
  • Service History Reporting
  • Printer Inventory Reporting

Our Cost-per-print Plan takes the guesswork out of the cost of printing by making per-page rates and total costs fixed. It is based on a predetermined per-page rate to manage your print environment.

Cost-per-print laser printer service plans include all maintenance costs and all consumable supplies—such as toners, developers, and fuser kits. Billing is based on the actual number of pages printed. Page counts are automatically collected on a monthly basis. With Printer Support Corp., you never pay for unused volume—you only pay for what you print.

PageConnect is a managed print cost service that will guarantee your total cost of color printing regardless of print page density on your Xerox printers. This plan includes all supplies and service—all at one guaranteed, predictable monthly cost-per-print.

  • With all supplies included at a fixed price per page, you don’t need to worry about print area coverage on your documents.
  • You benefit from predictable invoicing, allowing you to accurately budget your print costs.
  • We will help you determine a PageConnect Service and Supplies Plan that suits your needs.
  • Any page volume over and above the low plan minimum is charged at a flat rate per page.
  • PageConnect Assistant monitoring allows you to simply use the unique PageConnect online tool to order supplies when you need them and they will be delivered directly to your door.

Additional Services

PSC can provide you with a wide range of valuable management information regarding your printer, copier, fax machine, and scanner fleet including:

  • Total cost of printing
  • Consumables cost-per-print by printer, location, department, or cost center
  • Service costs by printer or scanner, location, department, or cost center
  • Inventory by location, department, or cost center
  • Preventive maintenance scheduling
  • Warranty expiration management
  • Printers with high failure rates
  • Printers with very high print volumes
  • And much, much more!

Preventive maintenance will maximize equipment uptime, minimize expensive repairs, and extend the useful life of your printers, copiers, fax machines, and scanners. Although preventive maintenance is included in many of our support programs, we also offer our preventive maintenance/cleaning service on a flat-rate basis for equipment that is not covered under contract. We will also provide you with reporting of each printer’s location, IP address, serial number, total page count, and user maintenance kit remaining life. Actual preventive maintenance/cleaning procedures vary by model, but include:

  • Discussion of any problem or user issues
  • Removal of toner and paper dust from fuser
  • Check and clean job off-set, switchback, duplex assemblies, and auxiliary paper trays
  • Replace/clean filters
  • Clean image transfer assembly
  • Inspect/clean/replace pick-up roller
  • Lubricate printer with appropriate high-temperature grease
  • Inspect/clean/replace exit rollers
  • Thoroughly clean the electronic bay of the machine, using a vacuum and compressed air
  • Tighten or replace screws and check grounding straps
  • Inspect/clean/replace separation pads and rollers
  • Clean and lubricate fan assembly
  • Inspect and clean registration assembly
  • Inspect and clean beam-to-drum optical path
  • Clean printer inside and out
PSC’s installation services include:

  • Delivery and unpacking
  • Resolution of DOA and warranty issues
  • Configuration and Installation
  • Operator Training
  • Removal of packing materials
  • Removal and disposal of obsolete equipment

PSC provides physical inventory for larger companies looking to pinpoint the full scope of their printer fleets. Our detailed device inventory reports identify each machine in your fleet and where they are located to ensure your understanding of the range and capacity of your fleet.

Today, most printers, copiers, faxes, and scanners are sold with a return-to-factory or authorized service center warranty. This requires shipping the unit (with the correct packing materials) to the designated repair facility. PSC’s Warranty Upgrade Program upgrades this warranty to an on-site warranty, so all repairs are done at your location.

Depot Services

This plan offers next-day shipment of an advance exchange printer, copier, fax machine, or scanner to any location in the Continental United States. When a unit needs repair, we FedEx a replacement overnight. The faulty unit is returned to us in the same shipping box, and we even include the shipping label! We then repair the faulty unit, reconfigure it to your specifications, and put it in your Advance Exchange Inventory.

Our annual depot Unlimited Call Contract (UCC) offers you:

  • Full coverage on all parts and labor
  • Guaranteed annual fixed price per printer
  • Priority response commitments
  • Preventive maintenance/cleaning service
  • Responsive phone tech support
  • Service history reporting

This plan combines the advantages of priority response and blanket coverage with the “pay-as-you-go” flexibility of “per-call” service as well as discounted labor rates. A retainer is paid at the beginning of the contract. Service charges are deducted from the retainer balance when you authorize service. In summary, this plan offers you:

  • Coverage on all parts & labor
  • Discounted labor rates
  • Priority response times
  • Blanket coverage on all your printers and scanners—no need to specify individual units for coverage
  • Service history reporting
  • Ease of administration—no need to inventory your printers or scanners because all are eligible for service. There’s also no need to issue purchase orders or to process invoices/issue checks for each repair.
You don’t need a contract to use our depot repair services. Just to get started.  We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and purchase orders from organizations with a D&B Paydex rating of 70 or better.

Devices We Support

Addmaster Receipt Printers, AMT Datasouth Matrix Printers, Axiohm Receipt Printers,Burroughs Check Scanners, Canon Check Scanners, Craden Passbook Printers, Datamax Label Printers, Digital Check Check Scanners, Digital Check Receipt Printers, Epson Receipt Printers, Genicom Line Printers, Hewlett Packard Laser Printers, Hewlett Packard Wide Format Printers, Intermec Label Printers, Konica Minolta Copiers, Kyocera Copiers, Lexmark Laser Printers, OKI Data Matrix Printers, Olivetti Passbook Printers, Panini Check Scanners, Printek Matrix Printers, Printronix Line Printers, Ricoh Copiers, Sato Label Printers, Savin Copiers, Source Technologies MICR Check Printers, Tally Line Printers, Toshiba Copiers, Troy MICR Check Printers, Unisys Check Scanners, Unisys Passbook Printers, Wincor Passbook Printers, Xerox Copiers, Xerox Laser Printers, Zebra Label Printers


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