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PaperCut MF

PaperCut's print management software has helped over 30,000 organizations reduce their print costs and their environmental impact. PaperCut MF allows businesses of any size to manage all copying and printing produced across their entire multifunctional copier and printer fleets using a single low cost software application.

PaperCut MF provides integration with Toshiba MFDs, enabling the tracking and billing of “off the glass” copying, faxing and scanning. The solution uses Toshiba devices’ built-in touch screen to provide a rich set of application features for walk-up copier, fax and scan usage.

• End user authentication including integration with single sign-on environments such as Active Directory, Open Directory, eDirectory, LDAP and others.Optional proximity and swipe card authentication (via USB based card readers).
• Group-based access control to the device and color copying.
• Monitoring and control of photocopying (quotas, charging, allocation and logging).
• Allocation of usage to accounts/departments/cost-centers/projects Releasing print jobs from a hold/release queue (secure printing).


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