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The Olivetti PR2E is designed to print on a multitude of paper formats from single sheet documents to passbooks and multi-copy forms with consistent quality and extreme ease of use. For example the printer automatically aligns paper so as to guarantee that printing is always straight; sensors also detect the edges of the paper to ensure that forms are always filled in spot on.
Furthermore the PR2E is able to read MICR, CMC7 and E13B code lines as well as magnetic strips, either horizontal or vertical, normally found on passbooks. Finally the PR2E is designed to help counter tellers not only by being such an excellent printer but also by intruding as little as possible in their work environment, in fact at 54 Db the PR2E is one of the most silent printers of its category.


  • One of the smallest and quietest models in its product class
  • Up to 560 character/sec in VHSD
  • Magnetic-stripe reading and writing, MICR codeline reading
  • Dual side color scanning

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