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SmartSource ReceiptNow

Add receipt printing capabilities to your SmartSource scanner with the ReceiptNOW line of teller transaction printers. Just like the TellerScan TTP series, ReceiptNOW fits underneath your SmartSource Elite, Professional, Expert, or Adaptive series check scanner and outputs fast and easy receipts with a thermal printer. 

Individual scanner models may have their own corresponding ReceiptNOW models – please check before ordering. You can even use ReceiptNOW with our competitors’ scanners!
Just use an adapter base to fit the scanner on top, and it’ll work with virtually any check scanner on the market. (SmartSource scanners do not require an adapter to fit)


  • Print speed: 8 inches/second
  • Character set: 95 Alphanumeric
  • Fonts: Full 108 std
  • Resolution: 203 x 180 dpi
  • Max. roll diameter: 3.25 in.

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