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Reduce and control printing costs. Optimize your print fleet with MPS.

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If you’re like most companies, you have neither the time nor the staff to proactively manage your print environment, a largely un-audited and uncontrolled expense for most businesses. Generally, corporations spend upwards of 3% of revenue on their total cost of printing, including everything from consumables and supplies, to maintenance and repairs. Managed Print Services (MPS) boosts productivity, optimizes your fleet, improves document security, and reduces your overall printing costs. Our MPS solution manages every aspect of your print infrastructure, enabling you to maximize the useful life of your print fleet and to gain control of your printing costs and environment.

Here’s How Our Managed Print Services Work:

First, we electronically audit all of your networked printers, faxes, and copiers, revealing print volumes and identifying all of your printing costs.
Next, we analyze these costs and establish an average cost-per-print of the total pages you output per month, categorizing this data by printers, copiers, faxes, etc. Printer usage surveys detail each printer’s page output volume, as well as consumables usage and associated actual costs. This financial and operational analysis will summarize the issues and costs associated with your current methods of document production and distribution.
Then, we provide you with a detailed strategic plan for reducing and managing your printing costs and increasing the efficiency of your print assets. This plan also provides for the automatic remote monitoring of all your networked printers and copiers for toner levels, error codes, and maintenance alerts. It also includes scheduled reporting on printer usage, costs, and repair information to measure the attainment of the plan’s goals.
We then collaborate with you to establish an implementation plan and schedule the implementation of the recommended strategic plan.
Following the implementation, we will meet with you periodically to review and analyze the progress of the strategic plan towards attaining the specified goals and cost savings.

Our MPS solution will enable your business to:

  • Reduce consumables costs
  • Identify under-utilized printers
  • Reduce maintenance and repair costs
  • Reduce consumables order processing costs
  • Provide for a balanced deployment of print devices

One of the most significant benefits of PSC’s Managed Print Services solution is the automatic fulfillment of consumables for all of your networked print devices, like toner, maintenance kits, drums, and more.

What would automated supply fulfillment mean for your business?

  • Never worry about ordering consumables again.
  • Eliminate “Toner Out” situations because toner wasn’t ordered.
  • Reduce administrative costs associated with ordering/handling consumables. No need for purchase orders.

  • Eliminate obsolete consumables inventory.
  • Complete Audit Trail of each fulfillment with cost center expense reporting.
  • Reduce A/P processing by eliminating multiple invoices and payments.

  • Collection boxes provided for recycling spent toners.
  • Accurate reporting, such as toner usage, consumables cost-per-page, and users not getting full toner life.

PSC’s MPS reporting provides you with analytics to help you optimize your print fleet while lowering costs.

  • Printing costs by print device
  • Color vs. black print volumes by print device
  • Print volumes by print device
  • Under-utilized print devices
  • Over-utilized print devices
  • Inactive print devices
  • Error and fault history by print device
  • Total life count by print device
  • Device age by print device
  • Toner utilization by print device
  • Toner levels by print device
  • Toner re-order reporting
  • Service history by print device
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